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Lucas Oil Level Sensors

A New Level of Sense


A range of premium quality, sensibly priced oil level sensors have been added to the outstanding Lucas Electrical engine management offering. The new range boasts 18 oil level sensors covering an impressive 1700 applications which caters for over 3.5 million vehicles on UK roads.


The oil level sensor has become a common component for modern vehicles and plays a critical role in protecting the engine. Without sufficient levels of lubrication, metal engine parts will generate friction and heat with potentially catastrophic effects for the engine. The oil level sensor is usually located in the oil pan, constantly monitoring oil levels, communicating with the ECU and ready to notify the driver should levels fall below the required minimum.


Every Lucas oil level sensor is designed and manufactured to meticulous standards to withstand the intense heat and conditions within the engine. Rigorous testing ensures Original Equipment matching performance and outstanding reliability from every Lucas component.


For complete peace of mind, all Lucas oil level sensors are covered by the renown Lucas Electrical 3 Year ‘No Quibble’ (excluding labour) warranty. Trust Lucas.


For more information please contact Lucas Electrical Licensee, Elta Automotive on +44 (0)1675 466999 or email


Lucas Electrical Range Goes Full Throttle


The Lucas Electrical Engine Management offering is now one of the most comprehensive and trusted in the automotive aftermarket. Having recently boosted the brands exhaust component range with the introduction of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors; Lucas have now turned their attention to the brand’s air intake offering. Air Mass Meters, Idle Air Control Valves and Manifold Pressure Sensors have long been a staple of the Lucas EMS portfolio and now slotting perfectly into position, Lucas have announced a new range of Throttle Bodies.


The Throttle Body is a critical component in the air intake system. Usually attached to the Air Mass Meter, it incorporates a butterfly valve that opens and closes, allowing air into the engine in response to the accelerator pedal being pressed.


The new range includes both electronic and mechanical Throttle Bodies, all designed and manufactured to Lucas Electrical’s exacting quality standards. Mechanical Throttle Bodies are cable operated and built using premium grade materials to ensure a smooth, consistent operation. Electronic or ‘drive-by-wire’ Throttle Bodies are controlled using electronic motors and sensors that communicate with the ECU.

The ECU then controls the operation of the valve. Again, premium quality materials and meticulous testing procedures ensure the reliability and performance levels expected from the trusted Lucas brand.


Throttle Bodies are prone to performance issues and failure, usually as a result of dirt and debris clogging the butterfly valve and restricting smooth operation. The effects are noticeable and drivers will often report stalling at idle and poor or uneven acceleration. With failure common and replacement relatively simple, the new product group promises to be another success for Lucas and the brand’s distributors.


The new range consists of 50 part numbers that cover over 2,000 applications and in excess of 5,000,000 vehicles on the road. All Throttle Bodies are covered by Lucas Electrical’s three-year ‘no-quibble’ (excluding labour) warranty for complete peace of mind. With 135 years of innovation and development, Lucas have been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world. The complete range will be available from July 2016.


For more information please contact Lucas Electrical Licensee, Elta Automotive on 01675 466999 or email


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Lucas Throttle Body
Lucas Mirrors

Lucas Mirrors


The new and improved range of Lucas Electrical replacement mirrors is now available from selected Motor Factors throughout the UK.


Reflecting Quality
Every Lucas mirror is meticulously manufactured using only premium quality materials and components, to look, feel and perform just like the original part. The only significant difference you'll spot is the price. Outstanding value for money has become synonymous with the Lucas Electrical brand and the new mirror range is no exception.


Comprehensive Range
The range covers approximately 90% of the UK vehicle parc and consists of complete units, mirror glass and covers for cars and light commercial vehicles. Whatever the damage, the new improved range has it covered.


Latest Technology
The humble wing mirror has become a complex component in recent years, often featuring integrated lighting, electrically driven units, heated mirror glass, integrated antennas, memory functions and even GPS. Rest assured, if the original had it, the Lucas mirror has it too.


E-marked for the UK
Lucas door mirrors are rigorously tested for safety and have the e-Mark as required by ECE Regulation for sale throughout Europe. Unlike some imports, Lucas mirrors are specifically manufactured for the right-hand drive UK market. This is essential to ensure the correct viewing angles, visibility and driver’s side features are retained.


Trusted Brand
With over 135 years of innovation and development, Lucas has been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world. Lucas is one of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the automotive industry. This, combined with competitive aftermarket pricing makes Lucas mirrors the clear choice for motor factors, garages and drivers alike.


More Information
For help finding your local stockist or for information regarding stocking and selling Lucas Mirrors call Elta Automotive on 01675 466 999 or email


Lucas Amber Beacons: Now Available Direct


Car or commercial, on or off-road, the new and improved range of amber beacons from Lucas Electrical has it covered. Halogen, Xenon and LED beacons are available in DIN, flexi DIN, one bolt, three bolt and magnetic fittings for a multitude of applications.


Lucas beacons are ECE R10 approved and those for road use are R65 approved too. Plus, all are covered by the Lucas Electrical 3 year warranty for complete peace of mind.


If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of stocking, selling or fitting Lucas Amber Beacons call Lucas Electrical distributors, ELTA Automotive on 01675 466 999 or email


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Lucas Warning and Safety Amber Beacon