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Lucas Lighting and Mirror


The Lucas range of Lighting and Mirrors offers a competitively priced quality programme to meet the demands of today’s modern motor factor. The range offers the motor factor a real alternative to the OE dealer.


Reflecting Quality

The Lucas Mirror range covers approximately 90% of the UK vehicle parc and consists of complete units, mirror glass and covers. Whatever the damage, the new improved range has it covered.

The humble wing mirror has become a complex component in recent years, often featuring integrated lighting, electrically driven units, heated mirror glass, integrated antennas, memory functions and GPS. Rest assured, if the original had it, the Lucas mirror has it too.

All Lucas door mirrors are E-marked and specifically manufactured for the right hand drive UK market.


Lighting Technology


Today’s demand from consumers for the latest technology and improved design has resulted in continuous development, making Lucas the market leader in this sector.


Continuous range development ensures that Lucas brings the latest technologies to the aftermarket, including, Daylight Running Lamps, LED Lighting, Adaptive Front Lighting Systems and High Intensity Discharge Headlamps



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  • data online 24/7

    Application data for Lucas Electrical products can be found via our online catalogue: and is also available from MAM and TecDoc. Lucas data is updated and published daily to MAM via Automate to ensure consistent high quality information is always available.

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    Lucas Tech-Assist is a unique service for the UK automotive aftermarket. Available exclusively to Lucas Electrical customers, Tech-Assist offers free mobile diagnostic support and training services for motor factors.

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